Zero Gravity Cocktail Project

3D CAD renderings of the Zero Gravity Cocktail Glass.

About the Project

The Zero Gravity Cocktail Project is an attempt to bridge the gap between the space tourism vision and mainstream reality. By creating a fun object that appeals to many people, we hope to show that space tourism is not an abstract concept but a stepping stone for improving the way people live, work, and play beyond planet Earth.

Space tourism is no longer a fantasy, it’s an industry. The Zero Gravity Cocktail Project is going to be the flagship project for the Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation. With over 2 years of hard work, the team recognizes that there is a need for the “space tourists” to have practical applications in zero gravity that are based upon enjoyment AND functionality. We plan on filling that niche, with the first being the cocktail, the vessel, and the ability to mix in space.


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