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Who we are

The Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation is a boutique concept, design, and branding company that develops stylish products for off-world use while connecting Earth brands to space. 

Companies are looking for a niche in the burgeoning private space industry. Launch costs are dropping as more competitors vie for access to the International Space Station and other unique resources in the most extreme environment, outer space. Businesses can benefit today by branding themselves as "Space-ready:" using products designed for off-world yet marketable for Earth. Examples include items for promotions, advertising, TV shows, and advanced R&D for their product line. The Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation is the first design and branding company focused on the space market, with connections and gateway access in the industry.




Zero Gravity Cocktail Project

A cocktail glass, cocktail recipe, drinkbot, and support system for off-Earth space travelers on vacation in orbit or on other planets. Usable on Earth for unique branding opportunities.


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